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About Judith Lewis...

deCabbit - a cabbit is a cross between a cat and a rabbit. Ryo-oh-ki from Tenchi Muyo is a cabbit and the image you see to the left is of her. The prefix "de" means "the" thus "deCabbit" is "The Cabbit"

Well hello there! Welcome to the personal website of me - Judith Lewis. I use the online name of deCabbit to separate myself out from the numerous other Judith Lewis' out there. I like to stand out and be different but it wasn't always that way.

I have always been a "girl geek". One of my earliest memories of school projects is taking apart a transistor radio and mapping it all out with coloured threads from a description to each part. I certainly didn't stop there though much to my parents relief I stopped taking things apart. My father brought computers home starting I think with a Wang word processor, which used to shake violently when it was printing. It never went through the floor but I did hope :-D

I went to a bit of a snobby school but it meant that I was exposed to a Commodore Pet with tape drive when it was originally released. I learned that I could tell it what I wanted it to do and others didn't understand that and I was hooked. Regrettably, my mother had to argue with my female high school programming teacher to get me in to the class. Apparently she felt that technology was no place for a girl. How wrong she was! I have print-outs from 1986 from BBS' and forums I was on and I've not really looked back.

I continued with programming, learning bits of code then manipulating and adapting them to my needs. It's been a good many years since I've had to do hard coding (HTML does not qualify) and while I miss it, I am really passionate about search and marketing. It was difficult being the only girl in the computer lab and while I continued on in technology, I left formal programming and with my sights set on being a lawyer like my father, went to university. I gradated with a specialised honours degree in Psychology in 1994 but by then had realised that I didn't want to be a lawyer.

I worked in some colourful industries and learned a lot, being the little questioning knowledge sponge that I am. I met my husband on a MUCK and moved to the UK in 1996 and back in to technology. I was working in marketing both online and offline from very late 1996 and have continued it through to today.

I'm passionate about search and as I have always worked with SMEs I'm passionate about relevant search results. I love teaching people about search and how to do it for themselves. Since I have so many years in this industry I do tend to have a unique insight in to things. Yes, I am available for SEO consultancy :-)

Another thing I'm passionate about is chocolate. Chocolate for me is something that has depth and flavour and hints of fruit and spice and all sorts. Each bean, each region has a special quality. Most chocolate that we eat these days is confectionery. Real chocolate is a symphony in your mouth.

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