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I write regularly for Technology Weekly on both search topics and social media topics. I am the SEO Journalist at mad.co.uk and attend conferences, interview SEO personalities as well as research the topic extensively. My articles are among the most read articles on the site.

SEO Glossary If you've ever wondered what 301'ing that 404 to 200 the page meant, or what someone meant when they said they SEO'd that SMM to leverage Digg better, you're not alone

Search - The Past, Present and Future

Google Mayday Algorithm Update and Your Site Traffic

Your brand is at risk in social media

SMX Advanced London

Leveraging local search

Know who’s talking about you behind your back?

Leveraging social media for PR and SEO

Digital media optimisation - are you leaving money on the table?

Is social media about to overtake search for traffic-driving?

Optimising search - It is never too late, or early

Google’s Americanization of the UK search landscape

Non-Latin domain names and search

Twitter vs. Real time search and the Eurostar disaster

Is Google deliberately manipulating news results?

Top Twitter tips towards triumphant tweetdom

Is your brand on the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list this holiday?

Google adds intelligence to google analytics

Search spending grows despite recession

Yahoo! continues search innovation

No advertising budget needed by big chocolate event

ad:tech - Green shoots growing strong?

Google ruling leaves door open to huge penalties but rescues web freedom

A hidden gem - real time search

Search just got bigger, faster and wavier

Digital asset optimisation - leveraging media assets online

Is Google trading on the hard work of business?

Yahoo - Microsoft search becomes YaBing!

When Should you Involve an SEO in a Site Redesign

‘Stop slagging each other off’ search agencies told at SMX London

Bing - What is it and what does it mean for you

International SEO - Part 2 of 2

International SEO - Part 1 of 2

Google includes sitelinks beyond the first result

Google streetview - when offline met online

Searching for training? Conferences are key

All the world’s a-Twitter

Search engine marketing in a recession I argue here that you should be choosing now to invest in both paid and natural search since your ad viewers are pre-selected and you can market specifically to them at the point of search.

Be there when they look - search for business With trade shows such as Spring Fair in Birmingham and London Edge in London happening despite the weather and retail a seemingly lone growth sector, being found easily is essential.

What happens when SEO stops working? Here I talk about what steps every business can take right now to ensure they are not caught unaware when changes strike.

Optimisation - It’s not just for Christmas Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known, is not something that can be set up and forgotten about. It requires a year-round effort.

Getting the most from your PPC campaigns As the credit crunch forces more and more marketing budgets to be trimmed as closely as possible, keeping your paid search accounts in tip top shape has become more important than ever. I give my top tips for keeping everything in shape.

Leveraging The "oohgle" Effect Long championed by those working in the online marketing arena, co-ordinating your online and offline marketing activities is crucial. I talk about why offline and online must integrate and how one company is pushing that message out.

Yahoo BOSS brings Vertical Search to Everyone Vertical search has for some time been identified as the next generation of search. With Yahoo’s new Build your Own Search Service (BOSS), anyone with a modicum of programming skills can build a vertical search engine for their site, or within a vertical across numerous sites.

Could you be breaking the law? The consumer protection act changed on May 26th, 2008, adding new offences, some of which impact online businesses.

How to Reduce Your PPC Costs In these tighter economic times, saving money is more important than ever. PPC can be one of the places where possibilities for savings exist. I look at how organic optimisation and paid search are better when used together.

Social Networking & iDate Conference 2008 Covering two days and two very distinct industries, the Social Networking & iDate conference was held in London on Sept 22 & 23rd at the Millennium Glouster Hotel. With around 200 people from as far away as Canada and Japan gathered to hear over 25 industry experts speak, the conference brought new light to these two industries.

Skype turns 5, logs 37,000 years worth of 24/7 conversation Skype, the world's favourite voice over IP (VOIP) service turned five years old in style at London's Ice Bar on Thursday September 18th. Boasting over 350 million users worldwide since it started, only Google equals it in the rate of growth and development. Skype is a quiet success story and is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Lost & Found - Google Tools This article is a fond look back at some Google tools that have ceased to exist and the Google tools we still have but aren't as well known..

Overcoming Ranking Issues - Javascript Designing a brilliant website is only part of the struggle with defining an online presence. In this feature, I look at how to get past the javascript block at Google and win some iPhone users at the same time.

Search Results Are The New Company Brochure Search results are increasingly the first exposure many consumers have with a company’s brand or product. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid bad publicity, even when you aren’t guilty of what you are being accused of. I examine what can go wrong and how to fix it.

Cuil - Hot or 'Cool'? The launch of Cuil (pronounced "cool") by three former Google engineers was greeted with more than a little enthusiasm causing the site to repeatedly crash. But is this really the next step in search evolution? I examined it to see what all the fuss was about.

Google and Yahoo! to Start Spidering Flash Flash has often been the source of falling rankings, lack of rankings, difficulty navigating and many other search related issues. I explain what this new functionality means to business.

Online Marketing and Media Show 2008 This is my review of the show and some of the people there.

International Search Summit My review of this one-day conference

Marketing Optimization Summit My review of this 2-day long conference.

Making Keyword Research Work For You Paid campaigns are often seen as the perfect way to quickly get top listings within search engines for desirable keywords. By only displaying the advert to targeted audiences, these paid advertisements should provide better conversions and more traffic. Paid search traffic can also help bolster flagging rankings while work is completed to improve them.

Internet World 2008 My review of this show. Of course, I was speaking at it so it might be slightly biased

Fake Blogs Now A Criminal Offence Sony, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and others could soon find themselves subject to criminal prosecution under new legislation to be enacted in the UK. The "Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008" comes in to force May 28th and will cause some corporations to rethink their marketing techniques.

The Future of Web Design My review of this conference

Is SEO just a waste of money? Are SEOs just another type of snake oil salesman or is there something to optimisation? What is the truth behind all the rumours? I look at what to look for within the industry.

London SES Courts Controversy My review of this conference

Bloggers are Essential for PR Is your PR company actively working with the blogger community, getting your message out in as many ways as possible? If they aren’t, I believe you may need to consider changing PR firms.

Making your customers your fans on facebook I discuss one way of leveraging this popular social networking platform...

Optimising your images for search Universal search, an integrated set of search results including video, image, news, websites and more, has become more prevalent for short tailed search results. I examine what it now takes to remain dominant within the search results.

PPC shot down by SEO experts Experts in Search Engine Optimisation dismissed PPC as far less likely to bring about results in a debate last night (11 December).

Google drops 80/20 search bomb At the Great B2B Marketing Debate, where SEO (search engine optimisation) went head to head against PPC (pay per click) and won, Stuart Small from Google let drop a bomb of immense proportions - Google knows that 80 per cent of searchers click on a natural result and 20 per cent click on a paid listing.

Companies told to invest in online reputation It has never been so important for companies to monitor their image online, according to speakers at the World’s Biggest Reputation Management System event in London today, and steps can be taken to improve a brand’s reputation.

Twitter - business opportunity or waste of time? Google recently purchased Jaiku, a microblogging platform where short blogs are posted to a site. This increased attention on microblogging platforms in general, and on Twitter specifically. One of the most common questions, after what it is exactly, has been what opportunities Twitter presents for marketers. I explain everything you need to know about why Twitter could be useful

Sullivan on search My interview of Danny Sullivan

Buying into business blogging Firmly marching beyond the early adopters, blogging has become an essential part of the marketing mix for online businesses. Companies as large as Dell and Amazon, as well as newcomers such as Moo.com and ArenaFlowers.com , are all leveraging the power of blogs to engage with their audience, gain valuable feedback and to help them retain more control over the distribution of their message.

Google changing the search landscape again With Google entering so firmly into the virtual world arena both through working with virtual worlds on search projects and with their own virtual world, universal search may soon take on a new dimension. Will we soon start seeing virtual worlds included when we search, and will it be relevant? I explore the issue...

Optimise webpage titles to capture visits In this part of a series of articles on foundation optimisation, I talk about doing this in business.

How to market brands within social networks and media Get it right and social networks can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Get it wrong, and your brand could suffer long-lasting damage. So how do you engage the social networks and media audience without harming your brand or losing control of your message?

Why you should advertise within social media I explain the different approaches to advertising within social media.

How to do keyword research We all know we should do it, but does anyone really understand what keyword research is really all about? In the first part of a series of articles on foundation optimisation, I explore this complex topic.

Link Buying - building traffic and rank or ticking time bomb? When Matt Cutts of Google’s anti-spam team announced on his blog that not only were Google looking to discount the weight of purchased links, but that they wanted people to actively report link buyers and sellers, some in the SEO community got nervous.

Online Reputation Management What do you do when someone films rats in your restaurant? How do you combat a negative message all over the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) about your product/brand? What can you do when your message is being drowned out by others? Engage in online reputation management.

Getting Links in a B2B environment When developing links, the B2B environment presents some interesting challenges. Traditional methods of link building utilised within B2C do not translate well to B2B. A greater degree of work and creativity needs to go in to each B2B link building campaign.

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